"God's Final Requirements of Man" | English Christian Devotional Song

March 26, 2020


If you’re a service-doer, can you do service for God loyally,

without being passive or just going through motions?

If you find out God never appreciates you,

will you still be able to stay and do service for life?

If you spent lots of effort but God’s still cold to you,

would you still keep working for Him in obscurity?

If you spent some things for God

but your small demands aren’t met,

will you then grow discouraged and angrily blame God?

If you’re always very loyal and are loving toward God

yet suffer the pain of illness, life’s impoverishment,

even friends abandon you and your family go away,

or other misfortunes befall, will your loyalty, love hold?


If nothing you have dreamed of matches what God does,

how will you walk your future path?

If you never get anything

that you once hoped to receive from God,

then can you continue on as God’s follower?

If you’ve never seen the purpose

and significance of God’s work,

can you obey Him without passing judgments?

Can you treasure all God’s words, the things He has said,

all the work that He has been doing when He is with man?

Can you be God’s loyal follower,

willing to suffer for Him for your whole life,

even if you won’t receive anything?

Can you go without considering, making plans

or preparing for your future path of survival?

Can you do this for God’s sake?

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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