"God's Only Wish on Earth" | Chinese Christian Song

April 21, 2020

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God comes in the flesh this time on invitation,

and in light of the condition of man.

That is, He comes to supply man with what is needed.

He will enable every man, whatever caliber or breeding,

to see the word of God and,

from His word, see the existence and manifestation of God

and accept God’s perfection of them.

His word will change the thoughts and conceptions of man

so that the true countenance of God

is firmly rooted in the depths of man’s heart.

This is God’s only wish on earth.

No matter how great the nature of man, how poor man’s essence,

or how man acted in the past, God pays no regard to these.

He only hopes for man to completely renew

the image of God they have in their hearts

and to come to know the essence of mankind,

thereby changing the ideological outlook of man.

He hopes that man is able to deeply long for God

and have an eternal attachment to Him.

This is all that God asks of man.

This is all that God asks of man.

This is all that God asks of man.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs


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