Christian Testimony Video | "God's Protection" | Based on a True Story

June 19, 2020

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In God's Protection, since the main character possesses some caliber and sees some results in her duty, she starts to think highly of herself, becoming ever more arrogant and conceited, and disregarding everyone else. She does whatever she wants and causes disruptions to the church's work. She is twice pruned and dealt with in a way that leaves an indelible memory in her heart, and through the revelation and judgment of God's words, she gains some understanding of her own arrogant nature and comes to appreciate that God's righteous disposition will tolerate no offense. She develops some reverence for God and begins to focus on seeking the truth and acting according to principle in her duty. She genuinely comes to feel that only through God's judgment and chastisement can a corrupt disposition be cleansed and transformed, and that being pruned, dealt with, judged, and chastised are God's greatest love and protection for humanity.

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