English Christian Song | "God's Righteous Disposition Is Unique"

May 19, 2024


The Creator expresses His righteous disposition

through His own unique methods and principles,

and He is not subject to the control or restrictions

imposed by any people, events or things.

With His unique disposition,

no one is able to change His thoughts and ideas,

nor is anyone able to persuade Him

and change any of His decisions.

The entirety of the behavior and thoughts that exist in all of creation

exist under the judgment of His righteous disposition.

No one can control whether He exercises wrath or mercy;

only the essence of the Creator—

or in other words,

the Creator's righteous disposition—can decide this.

Such is the unique nature of the Creator's righteous disposition!


God's righteous disposition is holy;

it does not tolerate being offended or questioned;

it is something possessed by none among created or non-created beings.

It is both unique and exclusive to God.

This is to say that God's wrath is holy and unoffendable,

God's wrath is holy and unoffendable.

In the same way,

the other aspect of God's righteous disposition—

God's mercy—is holy and cannot be offended.

None of the created or non-created beings

can replace or represent God in His actions,

nor could anyone have replaced or represented Him

in the destruction of Sodom or the salvation of Nineveh.

This is the true expression of God's unique righteous disposition.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique II

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