English Christian Song | "God's Righteous Disposition Is Vivid and Vital"

April 21, 2021

God’s righteous disposition is vivid and vital.

He changes His thoughts and attitudes

according to how things develop.

The change in His attitude towards the Ninevites

tells man God’s ideas are His own.

God is not a robot or statue, but the living God Himself.

He could seethe at the people of Nineveh,

as He could forgive their pasts because of their attitudes.

He could choose to destroy the Ninevites

or forgive them if they repent.

God’s thoughts are always transforming

with the way situations change.

While these thoughts continue evolving,

the many different aspects of the substance of God are shown.

The moment God’s heart reconsiders,

He shows man His life’s real existence.

God’s righteous disposition is vivid and vital.

God’s true revelations give proof to mankind

of the existence of His wrath and His mercy,

His lovingkindness and His tolerance.

God reveals parts of His substance

according to how things progress.

God retains the wrath of a lion

and a mother’s mercy and tolerance.

His righteous disposition

can’t be questioned or violated,

or twisted or changed by anyone.

God’s righteous disposition,

that is, God’s wrath and mercy,

can be shown at any time or setting

among all things and matters.

He gives these vital expressions

at all corners of creation

with every passing moment.

God’s righteous disposition is vivid and vital.

God’s righteous disposition is not constrained by time or by space,

but rather it is expressed with perfect ease in all times and places.

When God has a change of heart

and ceases to show His wrath

and allows Nineveh to live,

can you say that God is just loving and merciful?

Can you say God’s wrath is nothing but empty words?

When God rages with wrath,

and when He takes mercy back,

can you say He feels no true love for man?

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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