"Know God Through His Sovereignty Over All Things" | Chinese Gospel Song

March 30, 2020

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However much understanding of God man possesses, that is also the extent of the position He holds in their hearts.

However great the degree of their knowledge of God is, that is how great God is in their hearts.

If the God that you know is empty and vague,

then the God you believe in is also empty and vague.

If the God that you know is limited to the scope of your own personal life,

then your God is a very small God and has nothing to do with the true God.

Thus, knowing God’s practical actions,

knowing the reality of God and His omnipotence,

knowing the true identity of God Himself, knowing what He has and is,

knowing the actions that He has manifested among all the things of His creation—

these things are very important to every single person who pursues knowledge of God.

They have a direct bearing on whether people can enter into the reality of the truth.

If you limit your understanding of God to just words,

if you limit it to your own little experiences,

to what you figure to be God’s grace, or your little testimonies to God,

then the God you believe in is absolutely

not the true God Himself.

Not only that, but it can also be said that the God you believe in is an imaginary God, not the true God.

This is because the true God is the One that rules over everything,

that walks among everything, that manages everything.

He is the One that holds the fate of all of mankind

and of everything in His hands.

The work and actions of this God

are not just limited to a small portion of people.

That is, they are not limited to just the people who currently follow Him.

His deeds are manifested among all things, in the survival of all things,

and in the laws of change of all things.

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