English Christian Song | "God Wishes Everyone Could Be Perfected"

May 25, 2024


All those who are willing to be made perfect

and are loyal to God, all those who submit,

and all those who faithfully perform their function—

all such people can be made perfect.

God is unwilling to forsake or cast out any of those among you,

but if man doesn't strive to do well,

then you are only ruining yourself;

it's not God that casts you out, but you yourself.

God's wish is for every person to be made perfect,

to be ultimately gained by Him,

to be completely cleansed by Him,

and to become people He loves,

and to become people He loves.


No matter whether God says you are backward

or of poor caliber, this is all fact.

God's saying this does not prove that He intends to forsake you,

that He has lost hope in you,

much less that He's unwilling to save you.

Today God has come to do the work of your salvation,

which is to say that the work He does

is a continuation of the work of salvation.

For each and every person,

they all have the opportunities to be made perfect, made perfect.

Provided that you are willing and pursue,

in the end you'll achieve this result;

not one of you will be forsaken.


God wants everyone to catch up,

He wants everyone to have the work and the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit,

and He wants everyone to be able to submit to the very end,

because this is the duty that each of you should perform.

When you have all performed your duty,

you will all have been made perfect,

you will also have resounding testimony.

All those who have testimony

are those who have been victorious over Satan

and gained God's promise,

and they are the ones who will remain to live in the wonderful destination.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Restoring the Normal Life of Man and Taking Him to a Wonderful Destination

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