Christian Testimony Video | "I Am Fortunate to Do Service for God"

May 16, 2020

Gaining blessings and getting into the kingdom of heaven are goals pursued by many believers, and the main character in this video is no exception. After accepting God's work of the last days, he expends himself for God overflowing with faith, believing that he is among the first who have been raised up before God and that he will certainly be able to get into the kingdom of heaven to enjoy blessings with God. But he never imagined that God would utter new words exposing God's chosen people in China as service-doers, who will be cast into the bottomless pit to perish once their service is completed. His dream of being blessed and getting into the kingdom of heaven is destroyed in an instant, and he succumbs to intense suffering and refinement…. How does he relinquish his negativity and submit to God's rule and arrangements? And how does he become happy to render service for God? Watch I Am Fortunate to Do Service for God to find out.

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