2021 Christian Video | "This, I Will Not Sign!" (English Skit)

November 23, 2021

Yu Huifang was arrested and detained for having faith and sharing the gospel, but even after her release, the Chinese Communist police will not leave her be. They continue to constantly show up at her home and call her, warning and harassing her. Then one day, she gets the news that one of her granddaughters is applying for the military academy, and her other granddaughter is applying for the civil service, two of the best career paths in China. They need official stamps of approval on their political screenings. The police use these girls' futures to pressure the family into forcing Yu Huifang to sign a letter of repentance, renouncing her faith—no signature means no stamps. Bullied by the Communist Party and besieged by her family, how does Yu Huifang get through this? You'll find out in This, I Will Not Sign!

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