English Christian Song | "The Incarnate Son of Man Is God Himself"

June 9, 2024


When God's divinity was realized in ordinary flesh

in a way that people could see and touch,

in a way that people could see and touch,

they no longer felt that He was flickering in and out of perception

or that they could not get close to Him.

On the contrary,

they could try to grasp God's intentions or understand His divinity

through every movement,

through the words and work of the Son of man.

The incarnate Son of man expressed God's divinity through His humanity

and conveyed God's intentions to mankind.

And through His expression of God's intentions and God's disposition,

He also revealed to people the God that cannot be seen or touched

who dwells in the spiritual realm.

What people saw was God Himself in tangible form,

made of flesh and blood.

So the incarnate Son of man made things such as the identity of God Himself,

God's status, image, disposition, and what He has and is,

concrete and humanized.

We cannot deny the Son of man represented God's identity and status,

both in the form of His humanity and in His divinity.


During this time, however, God worked through the flesh,

spoke from the perspective of the flesh,

and stood before mankind

with the identity and status of the Son of man.

This gave people the opportunity to encounter and experience

God's practical words and work among man.

It also allowed people insight into

His divinity and His greatness in the midst of humility,

as well as to gain a preliminary understanding and definition

of the authenticity and practicality of God.

No matter in what form God appears,

no matter from which perspective He speaks,

or in what image He faces mankind,

God represents nothing but Himself.

He can represent neither any one human, nor any of corrupted mankind.

God is God Himself, and this cannot be denied.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God's Work, God's Disposition, and God Himself III

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