Christian Testimony Video | "A Burden Is God's Blessing"

September 24, 2021

The protagonist is elected as a church leader, and since she is young with limited life experience, she worries that she is incapable of taking on that role and thus others will look down upon her. In a gathering, her viewpoint about an issue turns out to be wrong, and this frustrates her and she feels that she is really lacking compared to other church leaders. So she doesn't want to continue her duty as a church leader. In her self-reflection by eating and drinking God's words, she realizes that the reason she wants to shirk her duty is that she fears others will see her weakness and she will be humiliated. She also sees that she treasures reputation and status so much that she places them above all else, which is antichrist disposition. Meanwhile, she understands that man's duty is a commission from God and a bounden obligation and she should do all she can to fulfill it. When she corrects her viewpoint and does her duty with a burden, she receives God's enlightenment and guidance. She genuinely experiences that a burden is God's blessing.

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