2022 Christian Testimony Video | "A Church Leader Isn't an Officer"

May 25, 2022

He thinks of being a church leader as being like a director who is on a higher rung than others, someone who can handle all sorts of problems without any deficiencies or weaknesses. Driven by these mistaken ideas, he is constantly showing off and speaking lofty but empty doctrine, and talking about how much he's suffered in his duty. He also hides his own shortcomings. As a result, brothers and sisters all look up to and admire him. Then he watches a video testimonial and reads some of God's words that help him understand his own mistaken notions, and he realizes he's taking the path of an antichrist. From then on, he begins focusing on being an honest person and not misrepresenting himself, and then is able to develop normal relationships with brothers and sisters. His arrogant disposition gradually changes.

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