Christian Testimony Video Based on a True Story | "A Hypocrite's Repentance"

November 6, 2021

In hard times, sincerely rely on God and you will find that God’s hand has never left you. Would you like to learn God’s words and rely on God?


The main character has been a believer for many years. She's always expended herself enthusiastically and has been able to suffer and pay a price. Seeing some success in the church work she's responsible for, she puts herself on a pedestal and acts as if she's a spiritual person. She doesn't reflect on herself when she's pruned and dealt with, but instead talks about literal doctrines and says some positive-sounding things about entering in to cover up her own corruption and shortcomings. As a result, the brothers and sisters are all taken in, and they look up to and adore her. Through the revelation and judgment of God's words, she gains discernment over her own hypocritical behavior and sees that she doesn't pursue the truth and hasn't changed her disposition, but she's on the path of the Pharisees. She repents to God from the heart.

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