Christian Testimony Video | "A People pleaser's Phoniness"

September 8, 2021

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When the protagonist meets gospel deacon Sister Liu Yang, she notices that in her fellowship, Liu Yang rarely integrates God's words to understand and dissect her own corrupt dispositions. Instead, she often talks about her own successes of positive entry to show herself off. The protagonist wants to point out Liu Yang's problem, but doesn't for fear of offending her. Through eating and drinking God's words, she realizes that in seeing a problem but keeping silent, she is being a selfish and deceitful people-pleaser in an effort to protect her relationships with others. She learns that a people-pleaser is not a good person at all, but a malicious person who cheats others and harms themselves. After this, she speaks up and helps Liu Yang, and discovers that practicing the truth and being an honest person leaves her feeling peaceful and at ease.

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