Christian Testimony Video | "A Show-off No More"

June 14, 2021

Mowen is a gospel deacon in the church. Because he is able to help his brothers and sisters resolve some problems in their duties and he achieves some things in his work, he comes to believe himself better than everyone else. He flaunts his gifts and abilities in everything he says and does, and shows off about how he suffers for the sake of his duty. Through the advice and reprimands of his brothers and sisters, and the judgment and revelations of God's words, he comes to realize that he doesn't focus on fellowshiping on the truth or testifying to God in his duty, but instead always seeks to make others look up to him and idolize him, causing them to grow apart from God in their hearts—he realizes that he is walking the path of the antichrists in opposition to God. Filled with remorse, he comes before God to pray and repent. What transformation does he undergo, what does he come to understand, and what does he gain? Watch this video to find out.

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