Christian Testimony Video | "A Spiritual Battle" | Based on a True Story

June 16, 2020

A Spiritual Battle is the testimony of a Christian experiencing the judgment and chastisement of God's words. The protagonist is a church leader who, during an assembly, discovers from reflections shared by his brothers and sisters that his sister-in-law has completely refused to accept the truth and has been disturbing and disrupting church work with various kinds of evil behaviors. He confirms, on the basis of the principle of the truth, that his sister-in-law is an evildoer who should be expelled from the church. However, due to his emotional attachments, he is unable to put the truth into practice and protect the work of the church, and he even takes his sister-in-law's side and speaks for her. After experiencing the painful discipline of illness and the judgment of God's words, he gains some knowledge of God's righteous disposition, and also comes to understand the essence and dangerous consequences of acting out of emotion. Finally, he is able to escape the constraints of his feelings and expel the evildoer from the church, as the truth and principles require, and ultimately gains the sense of peace and security brought by practicing the truth.

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