Christian Testimony Video | "A Wonderful Way to Live"

November 17, 2020

The main character has always taken "don't rock the boat" as words to live by. In her interactions with others, she tries not to embarrass people, expose their shortcomings or hurt their feelings. She thinks of this as being a good person. After becoming a church leader, she discovers some problems in brothers' and sisters' duties, but she turns a blind eye to them, afraid of offending them. When she does raise an issue, she just glosses over the problem, which causes brothers and sisters to not realize the seriousness of their issues, thereby hindering the work of the church. Through the judgment and revelation of God's words, she comes to understand that applying these satanic philosophies in her dealings with others is harmful to them, and she begins to intentionally put being an honest person into practice according to the principles of the truth. She sees that this is the only way to be a truly good person!

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