A Dramatized Narrative of a Real-Life Christian Story | "Advancing Along the Path of Loving God"

March 28, 2021

This believer was once a military commander, but after being transferred to a state enterprise to take charge of Party affairs, he can't help but notice the fighting, intrigue, and brutality rife within the Communist Party, leaving him miserable and depressed. Just as he's feeling utterly lost, he accepts the Lord Jesus as his Savior, and later he hears Almighty God's gospel of the last days and sees that all of His words are the truth. He feels nourished within his soul and resolves to share and bear witness to God’s gospel of the last days. To his surprise, when brothers and sisters in the Lord, who had once appeared to be such devout Christians, hear the wonderful news of the Lord's return, they immediately show another side of themselves. They let dogs loose on him, they throw urine and feces at him, they punch and kick him, and even report him to the police. They turn out to be no different from the Pharisees who oppressed the Lord Jesus in His day. He truly gets a sense of just how difficult it is for God to save mankind. In his time sharing the gospel and his testimony of God and in the face of every hardship, the hymn "Advancing Along the Path of Loving God" always rings in his ears. It is always deeply moving for his soul.

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