Christian Testimony Video | "After Being Replaced" | A True Christian Story

July 28, 2020

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Christian Testimony Video | "After Being Replaced" | A True Christian Story (English dubbed)

The main character in After Being Replaced throws herself into her duty after she's elected as a church leader, and the church's work gradually starts to bear fruit. Before she knows it, she starts feeling very pleased with herself, showing off in gatherings and fellowship, and trying to get others to look up to her. She even disparages co-workers and elevates herself. Ultimately, she's dismissed from her duty because she is single-mindedly pursuing name and status, has lost the Holy Spirit's work, and is incapable of doing any practical work. After losing her position, she sinks into great suffering and refinement. By undergoing the judgment and chastisement of God's words, she clearly sees the essence of pursuing name and status and comes to understand what a successful path of faith is. What else does she learn and how else does she change after she's dismissed? You'll see in After Being Replaced.

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