English Christian Song | "The Aims and Principles of God's Actions Are Clear and Transparent"

June 4, 2024


God's changing of His intentions toward the people of Nineveh

involved no hesitation or anything that was ambiguous or vague.

Rather, it was a transformation from pure anger to pure tolerance.

This is a true revelation of God's essence,

a true revelation of God's essence.

God is never irresolute or hesitant in His actions;

the principles and purposes behind His actions

are all clear and transparent, pure and flawless,

with absolutely no ruses or schemes intermingled within.

In other words, God's essence contains no darkness or wickedness.


God became angry with the Ninevites

because their wicked acts had come before His gaze,

had come before His gaze;

at that time His anger was derived from His essence.

However, when God's anger dissipated

and He bestowed His tolerance upon the people of Nineveh once more,

everything that He revealed was still His own essence.

The entirety of this change was due to a change in man's attitude toward God.

During this entire period of time,

God's unoffendable disposition did not change,

God's tolerant essence did not change, tolerant essence did not change,

and God's loving and merciful essence did not change.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique II

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