English Christian Song | "All Mankind Should Worship God"

April 19, 2024


True belief in God is not a matter of believing in Him solely

in order to gain salvation,

less still of believing in Him solely

in order to be a good person.

It's not only about believing in Him

to gain a human likeness.

The fact is that people's belief in God

shouldn't be viewed as a mere belief that

there is a God, and that He is the truth,

the way, and the life.

That is not all there is to it.

It's not just about acknowledging God,

and believing He's the Sovereign of all things,

that He is almighty,

that He created the world and all things,

that He's unique,

and that He's supreme, He's supreme.

It doesn't end with believing that fact.


God's will is that your whole being and heart

should be given to Him and submit to Him.

That is, you should follow Him, follow Him,

allow Him to make use of you,

and be happy even to render service for Him—

whatever you do for Him is

what ought to be done.

It's not that only those predestined and chosen by God

should believe in Him.

The fact is that all mankind

should worship God, worship Him,

heed Him and submit to Him,

because mankind was made by God.

from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Part Three

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