Christian Testimony Video | "Amid the Trial of Death"

July 4, 2020

In 1991, the incarnated Son of man—Almighty God—expressed the truth in a house church, commencing the work of judgment beginning with the house of God. God's chosen people read His utterances every day and enjoy the work of the Holy Spirit. They all believe it to be a foregone conclusion that they will be the people of God's kingdom who will surely enter the kingdom of heaven during their lifetimes. They therefore rush about and expend themselves enthusiastically, and the main character is no exception. However, just as they're enveloped in the joy of being blessed, Almighty God expresses words exposing just how deeply Satan has corrupted man, how they are filled with satanic dispositions such as arrogance, deceitfulness, selfishness and greed, and how they constantly tell lies, commit sins, and resist God. Almighty God's words state that if people's life dispositions are not changed, they will face certain death when the great disasters come. God's chosen people's dream of getting into the kingdom of heaven during their lifetimes is dashed. Their hopes for the future evaporate, their hearts are rent with pain, and they even go so far as to complain to God. But after experiencing the judgment and revelations of God's words, they come to have some understanding of their own extravagant desire for blessings and entry into the kingdom of heaven, and of their notions and imaginings. They see that God's disposition is holy and righteous, and will tolerate no offense. They see that, as they are filled with satanic dispositions, they aren't worthy of entering the kingdom of heaven. They then become able to let go of their motive to obtain blessings, submit to God's rule and arrangements, and begin focusing on pursuing the truth. Finally, they see that the judgment and trials of God are entirely to cleanse and save them.

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