Christian Testimony Video | "The Fight to Be an Honest Person" | Based on a True Story

August 12, 2020

Zhen Cheng runs his appliance repair shop in a straightforward, honest way, but he makes very little money each month. Worn down by his wife's complaints, egged on by his brother-in-law, and influenced by society, little by little he compromises his own ethics and starts engaging in shady tactics to earn more money and live comfortably. After gaining faith in Almighty God, he learns from God's words that God likes honest people. Faced with this requirement from God, an internal battle commences in Zhen Cheng's heart: If he's an honest person, he'll earn much less money and might even go into debt or lose his business. After this internal battle has played out several times, what does he ultimately choose? You'll find out in The Fight to Be an Honest Person.

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