Christian Testimony Video | "Behind the Silence"

August 8, 2021

The protagonist does editing duty in the church. She thinks she is of average caliber and has no truth reality, so she follows the satanic philosophies like "Silence is gold" and "He who talks a lot errs a lot" and often keeps silent and never takes the initiative to speak out her mind in the discussions, for fear that her viewpoints may be incorrect or superficial and others may look down upon her. Through self-reflection with a seeking heart and reading God's words, she realizes that her fear of losing face is the main reason she chooses not to share her opinions and speak honestly, that she loves her own image and reputation much more than she loves the truth, which is the crafty and evil disposition of Satan. This realization makes her feel much regret. How does she practice the truth and come to repent and change? What does she gain from this experience? Please watch this video.

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