Christian Song | "Can God’s Name Be Determined by Created Beings?"

October 30, 2020

God has many names,

but these many names cannot fully articulate God’s disposition,

for God’s disposition is so rich

that it simply exceeds man’s capacity to know Him.

There is no way for man,

using the language of mankind, to encapsulate God fully.

Mankind has but a limited vocabulary

with which to encapsulate all that they know of God’s disposition.

One particular word or name

does not have the capacity to represent God in His entirety,

so do you think His name can be fixed?

God is so great and so holy,

yet you will not permit Him to change His name in each new age?

In every age in which God personally does His own work,

He uses a name that befits the age

in order to encapsulate the work that He intends to do.

He uses this particular name, one that possesses temporal significance,

to represent His disposition in that age.

This is God using the language of mankind

to express His own disposition.

The day will arrive when God is not called Jehovah, Jesus, or Messiah—

He will simply be the Creator.

At that time, all the names that He has taken on earth shall come to an end,

for His work on earth will have come to an end,

after which His names shall be no more.

When all things come under the dominion of the Creator,

what need has He of a highly appropriate yet incomplete name?

Are you still seeking after God’s name now?

Do you still dare to say that God is only called Jehovah?

Do you still dare to say that God can only be called Jesus?

Are you able to bear the sin of blasphemy against God?

You should know that God originally had no name.

He only took on one, or two, or many names

because He had work to do and had to manage mankind.

Whatever name He is called by— did He not freely choose it Himself?

Would He need you— one of His creations—to decide it?

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