English Christian Song | "Can You Really Submit to God's Orchestrations?"

June 23, 2024


Are you willing to enjoy God's blessings on earth,

blessings that are akin to those in heaven?

Are you willing to treasure understanding of God,

enjoyment of His words, and knowledge of Him

as the most valuable and meaningful things in your life?

Are you truly able to fully submit to God,

without thought to your own prospects?

Are you truly able to allow yourselves to be put to death by God,

and led by Him, like a sheep?

Are there any among you capable of achieving such things?

Could it be that all who are accepted by God

and receive His promises are the ones who gain His blessings?

Have you understood anything from these words?

If God tries you, can you truly put yourselves at His mercy,

and, in trials, seek His intentions and perceive His heart?

God does not wish for you to speak many touching words,

or tell many exciting stories;

He asks that you bear fine testimony to Him,

and fully and deeply enter reality.

If God did not speak directly,

could you forsake all around you and be used by Him?

Is this not the reality He requires?

Who can grasp the meaning in His words?


God asks that you no longer be weighed down by misgivings,

that you be proactive in your entry

and grasp the essence of His words.

This will prevent you from misunderstanding God's words,

and prevent you from being unclear as to His meaning,

and thus violating His administrative decrees.

God hopes that you grasp His intentions for you in His words,

think no more of your own prospects,

and act as you have resolved before God

to let Him orchestrate you in all things.

All of those who stand within God's household

should do as much as they possibly can;

you should offer the best of yourself

to the last section of God's work on earth.

Are you truly willing to put such things into practice?

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God's Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 4

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