Christian Songs for Morning Devotionals - Quieting Our Hearts Before God

September 19, 2020

00:00:00:00 God’s Two Incarnations Are for Man’s Salvation

00:04:01:03 God’s Sheep Can Hear His Voice

00:09:40:03 To Know God Is the Highest Honor for Created Beings

00:14:10:16 Is God’s Incarnation a Simple Thing?

00:18:25:03 The Meaning of God’s Work of Judgment in the Last Days

00:22:45:14 All Mysteries Have Been Unveiled

00:27:12:01 Since God Saves Man, He Will Save Them Completely

00:31:46:00 Judgment Is God’s Primary Way to Perfect Man

00:37:16:22 Practice the Truth More, Be Blessed by God More

00:42:08:23 Fill Your Life With God’s Word

00:46:39:17 The Key to Faith Is Accepting God’s Words as the Reality of Life

00:50:13:29 God’s Only Wish on Earth

00:53:57:04 Mankind Needs God’s Provision of Life

00:58:35:05 The Work of Conquest Is of the Deepest Significance

01:04:23:03 You Cannot Disappoint God’s Will

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