Christian Testimony Video | "The Consequences of Being a People Pleaser"

September 23, 2021

The main character is a leader in the church who lives by satanic philosophies such as "Harmoniousness is a treasure; forbearance is brilliance," and "Keeping silent on the faults of good friends makes for a long and good friendship." As a result, when he sees that Brother Liu Liang, the deacon of watering, is careless in his approach to his duty, he doesn't dare share fellowship on the truth to expose and dissect his problem; when he sees two brothers he works alongside always at each other's throats, hampering progress in their work, he doesn't say a word for fear of offending them and ruining the image other brothers and sisters hold of him. This has an impact on the church's work as well as their church life. When faced with the facts, the main character clearly sees that being a people pleaser is disrupting and undermining God's work, that he is acting as Satan's minion. Filled with regret and loathing for himself, he prays to God and repents, puts the truth into practice, and is able to change.

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