Daily Words of God: Destinations and Outcomes | Excerpt 608

November 13, 2020

I have given you many warnings and bestowed upon you many truths in order to conquer you. Today you feel more enriched than you did in the past, understand many principles of how a person should be, and possess so much of the common sense that faithful people should have. This is what you have gained over many years now. I do not deny your achievements, but I have to say frankly that I also do not deny your numerous disobediences and rebellions against Me these many years, because there is not one saint among you, you are without exception people corrupted by Satan, and the enemies of Christ. Your transgressions and your disobediences down to the present are countless, so it is hardly strange that I am always repeating Myself in front of you. I do not want to live this way with you, but for the sake of your futures, for the sake of your destinations, I will here go over what I have said once more. I hope you will indulge Me, and I hope even more that you will be able to believe every word that I say, and still more, that you may infer the deeper implications of My words. Be in no doubt about what I say, or worse, pick up My words as you wish and toss them away at will, which I find intolerable. Do not judge My words, still less take them lightly, or say that I am always tempting you, or worse, say that what I have told you lacks accuracy. These things I find intolerable. Because you treat Me and treat what I say with such suspicion and never take it in, I am telling each of you in all seriousness: Do not link what I say with philosophy, do not put it together with the lies of charlatans, and even more, do not respond to My words with contempt. Perhaps no one in the future will be able to tell you what I am telling you, or speak to you so charitably, still less walk you through these points as patiently. The days to come will be spent in recalling the good times, or in sobbing out loud, or groaning in pain, or you will be living through dark nights without a shred of truth or life provided, or just waiting hopelessly, or in such bitter regret that you are past reason…. These alternative possibilities are virtually inescapable for any one among you. Because none of you occupies a seat on which you truly worship God; you immerse yourselves in the world of licentiousness and evil, mix into your beliefs, into your spirits, souls, and bodies so many things that have nothing to do with life and truth and actually are in resistance to them. So what I hope for you is that you can be brought to the road of light. My sole hope is that you are able to care for yourselves, able to take care of yourselves, not place so much emphasis on your destination that you view your behavior and transgressions with indifference.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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