English Christian Song | "Don't Trivialize Your Transgressions"

April 21, 2024


God has given you many warnings,

and bestowed many truths to conquer you.

By now, you feel more enriched than you did in the past,

knowing many principles of self-conduct.

You have come to possess so much

of the common sense that the faithful should have.

All of this is the harvest you have reaped

over the course of many years.

God does not deny your achievements

that you have made.

Yet, God frankly doesn't deny

your numerous rebellions,

betrayals against Him these many years,

for there is not one saint among you,

and you are all corrupted by Satan;

you are enemies of Christ.


For the sake of your futures and destinations,

God will nag you once more.

He hopes you'll understand Him,

that you can believe His every utterance.

God hopes that you can infer

the deep meaning of His words.

Perhaps no one in the future

will tell you what God is telling you.

Perhaps no one will speak to you,

speak to you so charitably,

or, still less, walk you through

these points as patiently.


You'll spend those days to come recalling the good times,

or sobbing out loud or groaning in pain.

Perhaps you will be living through dark nights

without the supply of truth or life;

you may wait hopelessly,

or dwell in regret, losing all reason….

None of you can escape these possibilities.


For none of you truly worship God,

but immerse yourselves in licentiousness and evil,

mixing into your beliefs,

your spirits, souls and bodies

so many things that have nothing

to do with life and truth

but actually contradict these things.

God hopes you can be brought to the path of light.

He only hopes you can cherish yourselves.

Do not dwell on destination

while viewing your behavior

and your transgressions with indifference.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Transgressions Will Lead Man to Hell

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