Christian Music - Praise Song Collection

June 12, 2020

1、God’s Humbleness Is So Lovable-00:00

2、God’s Love and Essence Has Always Been Selfless-03:33

3、Pure Love Without Blemish-07:58

4、God Treats Man as His Dearest One-12:25

5、God Loves Man With Wounds-15:04

6、God Is Seeking Those Who Thirst for His Appearance-18:46

7、Christ of the Last Days Has Brought the Age of Kingdom-23:33

8、God Creates a More Beautiful Tomorrow for Mankind-26:54

9、All People Live in God’s Light-32:02

10、God’s Hopes for Mankind Have Not Changed-36:09

11、God in the Flesh Is a Living Fountain of Life-39:54

12、God’s Authority Is Unique-44:43

13、God Incarnate Does the Most Crucial Work of Saving Man-47:53

14、The Incarnate God Leads Mankind Into a New Era-51:55

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