Christian Music - English Song Collection

October 11, 2020

00:00:00 God’s Deeds Fill the Vast Expanse of the Universe

00:03:41 God’s Arrangement of Man’s End

00:08:25 God’s Essence Is Full of Dignity

00:12:32 Man Can Only Come to Love God by Knowing God

00:15:55 The Significance of the Appearance of God

00:20:21 The Holy Spirit’s Work Makes Man Actively Progress

00:25:22 Where Are Your Expressions of Loyalty to God?

00:30:23 Practicing the Truth in Your Duty Is Key

00:34:33 How to Qualify to Be Used by God

00:37:24 God’s Utterances Are the Best Exhortation for Man

00:40:42 God’s Warning to Man

00:46:35 Take God’s Words as the Basis of Your Conduct

00:50:28 What the Work of Conquest Will Achieve

00:55:15 God’s Mercy Towards Mankind Has Never Ceased

01:00:01 Key to Obeying God Is to Accept the Newest Light

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