Christian Song | "How to Enter the Reality of God's Words"

August 14, 2020

People who truly expend themselves for God

lay out their entire being before Him;

they genuinely submit to all of His utterances,

and are able to put His words into practice.

They make God’s words the foundation of their existence,

and they are able to search earnestly within God’s words

to find out which parts to practice.

Such are people who truly live before God.

If what you do is beneficial for your life,

and through the eating and drinking of His words

you can meet your inner needs and inadequacies

so that your life disposition is transformed,

then this will satisfy God’s will.

If you act in accordance with God’s requirements,

and if you do not satisfy the flesh

but instead satisfy His will,

then in this you will have entered the reality of His words.

When talking about entering the reality of God’s words more realistically,

it means you can perform your duty and meet God’s requirements.

Only these sorts of practical actions

can be called entering the reality of His words.

If you are able to enter this reality,

then you will possess the truth, possess the truth.

This is the beginning of entering reality;

you must first undertake this training,

and only then will you be able to enter even deeper realities.

Only then will you be able to enter even deeper realities.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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