Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 403

March 6, 2021

Going forward, talking about the word of God is the principle by which you speak. When you come together, you should fellowship about the word of God and use that as your topic; talk about what you know of the word of God, how you put His word into practice, and how the Holy Spirit works. If you fellowship about the word of God, the Holy Spirit will illuminate you. Man too must cooperate if this is to become a world of the word of God. If you do not enter into this, God cannot do His work. If you do not talk about His word, He cannot illuminate you. Whenever you are free, talk about the word of God. Do not talk idly! Let your life be filled with the word of God; then you are a devout believer. Even if your fellowship is superficial, that is all right. Without the superficial, there would be no depth. There is a process that must be undergone. Through your exercise, you gain insight into the illumination of the Holy Spirit upon you, and how to effectively eat and drink of the word of God. After a period of such exploration, you will enter into the reality of the word of God. Only if you have the resolution to cooperate will you receive the work of the Holy Spirit.

There are two aspects to the principle for eating and drinking of the word of God: One relates to knowledge, and the other entering. Which words should you come to know? You should come to know the words related to vision (that is to say, which age God has now entered into, what God wishes to achieve now, what incarnation is, and so on. These are all related to vision). What is the way that man should enter into? This refers to the words of God that man should practice and enter into. Those are the two aspects of eating and drinking of the word of God. From now, eat and drink of the word of God in this way. If you have a clear understanding of the words concerning vision, then there is no need to read more. Of primary importance is to eat and drink more of the words on entering, such as how to turn your heart toward God, how to quiet your heart before God, and how to forsake the flesh. That is what you should put into practice. Without knowing how to eat and drink of the word of God, true fellowship is not possible. Once you know how to eat and drink of His word, and you have grasped what is key, fellowship will become free. Whatever issues are raised, you are able to fellowship about them and grasp the reality. Fellowshiping about the word of God without reality means you are unable to grasp what is key, and this shows that you do not know how to eat and drink of His word. Some feel weariness when reading the word of God. Such a state is not normal. Indeed, what is normal is to never become tired of reading God’s word, always thirst for it, and always think the word of God is good. This is how one who has really entered eats and drinks of the word of God. When you feel that the word of God is truly practical and is exactly what man should enter into; when you feel that His word is greatly helpful and beneficial to man, and that it is the supply of man’s life, this feeling is given to you by the Holy Spirit, through your being moved by the Holy Spirit. This proves that the Holy Spirit is working in you and God has not turned away from you. Seeing that God is always speaking, some become tired of His words and think that it is of no consequence whether or not they read His words. That is not a normal state. Their hearts do not thirst to enter into reality, and such men neither thirst for or place importance on being perfected. Whenever you find you do not thirst for the word of God, it shows that your state is not normal. In the past, whether God turned away from you was determined by whether you were at peace within and experienced enjoyment. Now the key is whether you thirst for the word of God, whether His word is your reality, whether you are faithful, and whether you are able to do what you can do for God. In other words, man is judged by the reality of the word of God. God directs His word to all people. If you are willing to read it, He will enlighten you, but if you are not, He will not. God enlightens those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, and those who seek Him. Some say that God did not enlighten them even after they read His word. How were the words read? If you skimmed through briefly and placed no importance on reality, how could God enlighten you? How could one who does not treasure the word of God be perfected by Him? If you do not treasure the word of God, then you will have neither truth nor reality. If you treasure His word, then you will be able to practice truth; it is then that you will have reality. So you must eat and drink of the word of God whatever the situation, whether you are busy or not, whether the circumstances are adverse or not, and whether you are being tried or not. All in all, the word of God is the foundation of man’s existence. None can turn away from His word and must eat of His word as if they are the three meals of the day. Could it be such a simple matter to be perfected and gained by God? Whether or not you understand at present or whether you have insight into the work of God, you must eat and drink more of the word of God. This is entering in a proactive way. After reading the word of God, hasten to put into practice what you can enter into, and set aside for the moment what you cannot. There may be much of the word of God that you cannot understand in the beginning, but after two or three months, perhaps even a year, you will. Why is this? This is because God cannot make man complete in a day or two. Most of the time, when you read His word, you may not understand at the moment. At that point, it may seem like nothing more than text; only through a period of experience are you able to understand. God has spoken much, so you should do your utmost to eat and drink of His word. Without realizing it, you will come to understand and the Holy Spirit will enlighten you. When the Holy Spirit enlightens man, it is often without man’s awareness. He enlightens and guides you when you thirst and seek. The principle by which the Holy Spirit works is centered on the word of God of which you eat and drink. All those who place no importance on the word of God and always have another attitude toward His word, one of carelessness and the belief that it makes no difference whether they read His word, are those without reality. Neither the work of the Holy Spirit nor enlightenment by Him can be seen in them. Such people are merely coasting along, and are pretenders without true qualifications, like Mr. Nanguo of the parable.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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