Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 456

February 15, 2021

As of today, God will formally perfect those who have no religious notions, who are ready to set aside their old selves, and who obey God in a simple-hearted way, and He will perfect those who long for the word of God. These people should stand up and serve God. In God there is endless abundance and boundless wisdom. His amazing work and precious words are awaiting even greater numbers of people to enjoy them. As it stands, those with religious notions, those who assume seniority, and those who cannot put themselves aside find it hard to accept these new things. There is no chance for the Holy Spirit to perfect these people. If a person is not resolved to obey, and does not thirst for the word of God, then they will be unable to receive these new things. They will just become more and more rebellious, more and more crafty, and end up on the wrong track. In doing His work now, God will raise up more people who truly love Him and who can accept the new light. And He will completely cut down the religious officials who presume upon their seniority. Those who stubbornly resist change: He does not want a single one of them. Do you want to be one of these people? Do you perform your service according to your own preferences, or do you do what God requires? This is something you must know for yourself. Are you one of the religious officials, or are you a newborn babe being made perfect by God? How much of your service is commended by the Holy Spirit? How much of it will God not even bother to commemorate? After many years of service, how much has your life changed? Are you clear about all these? If you have true faith, then you will cast aside your old religious notions from before, and serve God better in a new way. It’s not too late to stand up now. Old religious notions will strangle a person’s life. The experience a person acquires will lead them away from God, to do things in their own way. If you do not put these things down, they will become a stumbling block to your growth in life. God has always perfected those who serve Him. He does not cast them out lightly. If you truly accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s word, if you can put aside your old religious practices and rules, and cease to use old religious notions as the measure of God’s word of today, only then will there be a future for you. But if you cling to old things, if you still treasure them, then there is no way you can be saved. God takes no notice of people like that. If you really want to be made perfect, then you must resolve to completely abandon everything from before. Even if what was done before was right, even if it was God’s work, you must still be able to put it aside and stop clinging to it. Even if it was clearly the work of the Holy Spirit, done directly by the Holy Spirit, today you must put it aside. You must not hold onto it. This is what God requires. Everything must be renewed. In God’s work and God’s word, He makes no reference to the old things that went before, and He does not dig into old history. God is a God who is always new and never old. He does not cling even to His own words from the past, from which it is clear that God does not follow any rules. In this case, as a human being, if you always cling to the things of the past, refusing to let them go, and rigidly apply them in a formulaic manner, while God is no longer working in the ways He did before, then are not your words and actions disruptive? Have you not become an enemy of God? Are you willing to let your entire life go to wrack and ruin over these old things? These old things will make you into a person who obstructs God’s work. Is that the kind of person you want to be? If you truly do not want that, then quickly stop what you are doing and turn around; start all over again. God does not remember your past service.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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