Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 464

March 6, 2021

Man has faith in Me but cannot bear witness for Me, and before I have made Myself known, man cannot testify for Me. Man sees only that I surpass creatures and all holy men, and sees that the work I do cannot be done by men. Therefore, from the Jews to the men of present day, any who has seen My glorious deeds is simply filled with a curiosity toward Me, yet not the mouth of a single creature could bear Me witness. Only My Father bore witness for Me; He made a path for Me among all creatures. Otherwise, no matter how I worked, man would never know that I am the Lord of creation, for man knows only to take, and does not have faith in Me because of My work. Man knows Me only because I am innocent and in no part a sinner, because I can explain numerous mysteries, because I am above the multitude, or because man has profited much from Me. Yet few are those who believe I am the Lord of creation. This is why I say that man knows not why he has faith in Me; he knows not the purpose or significance of having faith in Me. The reality of man is lacking, such that he is very nearly unworthy to bear Me witness. You have too little true faith and have gained too little, so you have too little testimony. Moreover, you understand too little and lack too much, such that you are almost not fit to bear witness to My deeds. Your resolution is indeed considerable, but are you certain that you will be able to successfully testify to the substance of God? What you have experienced and seen surpasses that of the former saints and prophets, but are you able to provide testimony greater than the words of these former saints and prophets? That which I bestow upon you now surpasses Moses and is greater than David, so likewise I ask that your testimony surpass that of Moses and that your words be greater than that of David. I give you a hundredfold, so likewise I ask you to repay Me the same. You must know I am the One who bestows life unto mankind, and it is you who receive life from Me and must bear witness for Me. This is your duty, which I send down upon you and which you ought to do for Me. I have bestowed all My glory unto you, and bestowed unto you the life that the chosen people, the Israelites, never received. By right, you ought to bear witness for Me, and devote to Me your youth and lay down your life. Whomsoever I bestow My glory unto shall bear Me witness and give his life for Me. This has long been predestined. It is your good fortune that I bestow My glory upon you, and your duty is to testify to My glory. If you believe in Me only to gain fortune, then My work would not have much significance, and you would not be fulfilling your duty. The Israelites saw only My mercy, love, and greatness, and the Jews witnessed only My patience and redemption. They saw only very little of the work of My Spirit; it may be such that their level of understanding was merely one ten thousandth of that which you have heard and seen. What you have seen exceeds even that of the chief priests among them. This day, the truth you have understood surpasses theirs; what you have seen this day exceeds that seen in the Age of Law, as well as the Age of Grace, and what you have experienced surpasses even that of Moses and Elijah. For what the Israelites understood was only the law of Jehovah and what they saw was only the sight of Jehovah’s back; what the Jews understood was only the redemption of Jesus, what they received was only the grace bestowed by Jesus, and what they saw was only the image of Jesus within the house of the Jews. What you see this day is the glory of Jehovah, the redemption of Jesus and all My deeds of this day. You have also heard the words of My Spirit, appreciated My wisdom, come to know My wonder, and learned of My disposition. I have also told you all of My management plan. What you have seen is not merely a loving and merciful God, but One that is filled with righteousness. You have seen My wondrous work and known that I am filled with fierce anger and majesty. Furthermore, you have known that I once brought down My raging fury upon the house of Israel, and this day, it has come to you. You have understood more of My mysteries in heaven than Isaiah as well as John; you know more of My loveliness and venerableness than all the saints of previous generations. What you have received is not merely My truth, My way, My life, but the vision and revelation greater than that of John. You have understood many more mysteries and have also seen My true countenance; you have accepted more of My judgment and known more of My righteous disposition. So, though you were born in the last days, your understanding is that of the former and the past; you have also experienced what is of this day, and such was accomplished by My hand. What I ask of you is not unreasonable, for I have given you too much and much have you seen from Me. Therefore, I ask you to bear witness for Me as former saints have done, and this is My heart’s only desire.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. What Do You Know of Faith?

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