Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 466

March 20, 2021

Although your faith is very sincere, none among you is able to explain Me thoroughly, and none among you is able to fully testify to all the realities that you see. Think about it. Right now most of you are derelict in your duties, going instead after things of the flesh, satiating the flesh and greedily enjoying the flesh. You possess little truth. How then can you bear testimony for all that you have seen? Are you really confident you can be My witness? If one day you are unable to testify to all that you have seen today, then you will have lost the function of a created being. There will be no meaning whatsoever to your existence. You will be unworthy of being a human. One can even say that you will not be a human! I have done an infinite amount of work on you. But because presently you learn nothing, know nothing, and work in vain, when I need to expand My work, you will stare blankly, tongue-tied and utterly useless. Will that not make you a sinner of all time? When that time comes, might you not feel the deepest regret? Might you not sink into dejection? I am not doing all this work now out of boredom, but to lay a foundation for My future work. It is not that I am at an impasse and have to come up with something new. You should understand that the work I do is not child’s play but is in representation of My Father. You should know that it is not just Me doing all this Myself. Rather, I am representing My Father. Meanwhile, your role is strictly to follow, obey, change, and testify. What you should understand is why you should believe in Me. This is the most important question for each of you to understand. My Father, for the sake of His glory, predestined all of you for Me from the moment He created the world. It was none other than for the sake of My work, and for the sake of His glory, that He predestined you. It is because of My Father that you believe in Me; it is because of My Father’s predestining that you follow Me. None of this is of your own choosing. Even more important is that you understand you are the ones My Father bestowed on Me for the purpose of testifying for Me. Because He bestowed you on Me, you should abide by the ways I bestow on you and the ways and the words I teach you, for it is your duty to abide by My ways. This is the original purpose of your faith in Me. So I say to you, you are merely people that My Father bestowed on Me to abide by My ways. However, you only believe in Me; you are not of Me because you are not of the Israelite family but are instead of the ancient serpent. All I am asking you to do is to bear witness for Me, but today you must walk in My ways. All of this is for the sake of future testimonies. If you function only as people who listen to My ways, then you will not have any value and the significance of My Father’s bestowing you on Me will be lost. What I insist on telling you is this: “You should walk in My ways.”

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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