Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 468

March 19, 2021

How should people cooperate with God during this stage of His work? God is currently testing people. He is not uttering a word; He is concealing Himself and not directly contacting people. From the outside, it looks like He’s not working, but the truth is that He is still working within man. All of those who are pursuing entry into life and have a vision for their pursuit of life do not have doubts, even if they do not fully understand God’s work. In the midst of trials, even when you don’t know what God wants to do and what work He wants to accomplish, you should know that God’s intentions for mankind are always good. If you pursue Him with a true heart, He will never leave you, and in the end He will surely perfect you and bring you to an appropriate destination. Regardless of how God is currently testing people, there will be one day when He will provide people with an appropriate outcome and give them the appropriate retribution based on what they have done. God will not lead people to a certain point and then just cast them aside and ignore them. This is because He is a faithful God. At this stage, the Holy Spirit is doing the work of refinement. It is refining every single person. In the stages of work of the trial of death and the trial of chastisement, the refinement at that time was all refinement through words. For people to experience God’s work, they must first understand His current work and understand how mankind should cooperate. This is something that everyone should understand. No matter what God does, whether it’s refinement or if He’s not speaking, every step of God’s work is not in line with mankind’s conceptions. They all break apart and break through people’s conceptions. This is His work. But you must believe when God’s work reaches a certain stage, no matter what He will not allow mankind to perish. He gives both promises and blessings to mankind, and all those who pursue Him will be able to gain His blessings, while those who do not will be thrown out by God. This depends on your pursuit. No matter what, you must believe that when God’s work is concluded, every single person will have a suitable destination. God has provided mankind with beautiful aspirations, but if they don’t pursue them, they cannot attain them. You should be able to see this now—God’s refinement and chastisement is His work, but for people, they must pursue a change in disposition at all times. In your practical experience, you must first know how to eat and drink God’s words and find what you should enter into and your shortcomings within His words, and seek entry in your practical experience. Take the portion of God’s words that should be put into practice and try to practice it. Eating and drinking God’s words is one aspect, the life of the church must also be maintained, you must have a normal spiritual life, and be able to hand over all of your current states to God. No matter how His work changes, your spiritual life should remain normal. A spiritual life can maintain your proper entering in. No matter what God does, you will be able to continue your spiritual life uninterrupted and fulfill your duty. This is what people should do. It is all the work of the Holy Spirit, but for those with a normal condition it is being perfected. For those with an abnormal condition it is a trial. In the Holy Spirit’s current stage of refinement work, some people say that God’s work is so great and that people are very much in need of refinement, otherwise their stature will be too small and they will have no way of reaching God’s will. However, for those with a condition that is not good, it becomes a reason to not pursue God, and a reason to not attend gatherings or eat and drink God’s word. In God’s work, no matter what He does or what changes, at the very least people must maintain a normal spiritual life. Perhaps you have not been lax in this current stage of your spiritual life, but you still haven’t gained much; you haven’t reaped a great deal. Under these kinds of circumstances you must still follow the rules; you must keep to these rules so that you don’t suffer losses in your life and so that you satisfy God’s will. If your spiritual life is not normal, you cannot understand God’s current work; you always feel that it is completely incompatible with your own notions, and you are willing to follow Him, but you lack internal drive. So no matter what God is currently doing, people must cooperate. If people don’t cooperate the Holy Spirit can’t do His work, and if people do not have a heart of cooperation, they cannot attain the work of the Holy Spirit. If you want to have the work of the Holy Spirit inside of you, and want to gain God’s approval, you must maintain your original devotion in front of God. Now, it’s not necessary for you to have a deeper understanding, higher theory, or more things—all that is required is that you uphold God’s word on the original foundation. If people do not cooperate with God and do not pursue deeper entry, God will take away what they once had. Inside, people are always greedy for ease and would rather take the easy route. They want to gain God’s promises without paying any price at all. These are the extravagant thoughts within mankind. Gaining life itself without paying a price—what has ever been so easy? When someone believes in God and seeks to enter into life and seeks a change in their disposition, they must pay a price and achieve a state where they will always follow God no matter what He does. This is something that people must do. Even if you follow all of this as a rule, you must stick to it, and no matter how great the trials, you cannot let go of your normal relationship with God. You should be able to pray, maintain your church life, and stay with brothers and sisters. When God tries you, you should still seek the truth. This is the minimum for a spiritual life. Always having a heart of seeking and striving to cooperate, applying all of your energy—can this be done? On this basis, discernment and entering into reality will be something that you can achieve. It’s easy to accept God’s word when your own states are normal, and it doesn’t feel difficult to practice the truth, and you feel that God’s work is great. But if your conditions are poor, no matter how great God’s work is and no matter how beautifully someone speaks, you will pay no mind. When a person’s conditions aren’t normal, God cannot work in them, and they cannot achieve changes in their disposition.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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