Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 500

October 12, 2020

God uses reality and the advent of facts to make people perfect; God’s words fulfill part of His perfection of people, and this is the work of guidance and opening the way. Which is to say, in God’s words you must find the path of practice, and must find the knowledge of visions. By understanding these things, you will have a path and visions as you actually practice, and will be able to be enlightened through God’s words, you will be able to understand that these things come from God, and able to discern much. After understanding, you must immediately enter into this reality, and must use God’s words to satisfy God in your actual life. God will then guide you in all things, and will give you a path of practice, and make you feel that God is so lovely, and allow you to see that every step of God’s work in you is in order to make you perfect. If you wish to see God’s love, if you wish to truly experience God’s love, then you must go deep into reality, you must go deep into real life, and see that everything God does is love, and salvation, and so that people may leave behind that which is unclean, and in order to refine the things within them that are unable to satisfy God’s will. God uses words to provide to man whilst also creating environments in real life that allow people to experience, and if people eat and drink many of God’s words, then when they actually put them into practice, they can resolve all the difficulties in their lives using many words of God. Which is to say, you must have the words of God in order to go deep into reality; if you do not eat and drink the words of God, and are without the work of God, then you will have no path in real life. If you never eat or drink the words of God, then you will be confounded when something happens to you. You know only to love God, and are incapable of any differentiation, and have no path of practice; you are muddled and confused, and sometimes you even believe that by satisfying the flesh you are satisfying God—all of which is the consequence of not eating and drinking God’s words. Which is to say, if you are without the aid of God’s words, and only grope about within reality, then you are fundamentally incapable of finding the path of practice. People such as this simply don’t understand what it means to believe in God, much less do they understand what it means to love God. If, using the enlightenment and guidance of God’s words, you often pray, and explore, and seek, through which you discover that which you ought to put into practice, find opportunities for the work of the Holy Spirit, truly cooperate with God, and are not muddled and confused, then you will have a path in real life, and will truly satisfy God. When you have satisfied God, inside you there will be the guidance of God, and you will be especially blessed by God, which will give you a sense of enjoyment: You will feel especially honored that you have satisfied God, you will feel especially bright inside, and in your heart you will be clear and peaceful, your conscience will be comforted and free from accusations, and you will feel pleasant inside when you see your brothers and sisters. This is what it means to enjoy God’s love, and only this is truly enjoying God. People’s enjoyment of God’s love is attained through experiencing: By experiencing hardship, and experiencing putting the truth into practice, they gain God’s blessings. If you only say that God really loves you, that God has paid a heavy price in people, that He has patiently and kindly spoken so many words, and always saves people, your utterance of these words is only one side of the enjoyment of God. A more real enjoyment would be for you to put the truth into practice in your real life, after which you will be peaceful and clear in your heart, you will feel so moved inside, and that God is so lovable, and you will feel that the price you have paid is so worthwhile. Having paid a great price in your efforts, you will be especially bright inside: You will feel that you are truly enjoying God’s love, and understand that God has done the work of salvation in people, that His refinement of people is in order to purify them, and that God tries people in order to test whether they truly love Him. If you always put the truth into practice in this way, then you will gradually develop a clear knowledge of much of God’s work, and at that time you will always feel that God’s words before you are as clear as crystal. If you can clearly understand many truths, you will feel that all matters are easy to put into practice, that you can overcome this issue, and overcome that temptation, and you will see that nothing is a problem for you, which will make you so free and liberated. At this moment you will be enjoying God’s love, and God’s true love will have come upon you. God blesses those who have visions, who have the truth, who have knowledge, and who truly love Him. If people wish to behold God’s love, they must put the truth into practice in real life, they must be willing to endure pain and forsake that which they love to satisfy God, and despite the tears in their eyes, they must still be able to satisfy God’s heart. In this way, God will surely bless you, and if you endure hardship such as this, it will be followed by the work of the Holy Spirit. Through the real life, and through experiencing God’s words, people are able to see God’s loveliness, and only if they have tasted God’s love can they truly love Him.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Those Who Love God Will Forever Live Within His Light

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