Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 542

September 25, 2020

The more you are mindful of God’s will, the heavier shall be your burden; the heavier your burden, the richer shall be your experience. When you are mindful of God’s will, God shall give this burden to you, and you shall be enlightened by God on the things that He has entrusted you with. After God has given you this burden, you will begin to pay attention to the truths relating to your burden when eating and drinking God’s words. If this burden relates to the life conditions of the brothers and sisters—this is a burden entrusted to you by God, then your daily prayers will also carry this burden. What God does has now been entrusted to you, you are willing to carry out that which God needs to do, and this is what it means to take on God’s burden as your own. At this point, your eating and drinking of God’s words will focus on the issues in these aspects, and you will think, how am I going to resolve these issues? How am I going to allow the brothers and sisters to be released, to have joy in their spirits? You will focus on solving these issues when you fellowship, you will focus on eating and drinking words relating to these issues when you are eating and drinking God’s words, you will be eating and drinking God’s words while carrying this burden, and you shall understand God’s requirements. At this point, the path in front of you will be even more accessible. Your burden has brought about the enlightenment and illumination from the Holy Spirit, and this is God providing His guidance to you. Why do I say this? If you are not carrying any burdens, then you will not be paying attention when eating and drinking God’s words; when you are eating and drinking God’s words while carrying a burden, you can grasp the essence of God’s words, you can find your way, you are able to be mindful of God’s will. Therefore, you should ask God to place more burdens on you in your prayers to God, such that God shall entrust you with greater things, the paths in front of you shall be even more accessible, you shall become more effective in eating and drinking God’s words, you will be able to grasp the essence of God’s words, and you will be more readily moved by the Holy Spirit.

Eating and drinking God’s words, praying and practicing, accepting God’s burden, being entrusted by God, all these are for the purpose of having paths presented in front of you. The heavier the burden that you carry for God, the easier you shall be perfected by God. Some are unwilling to cooperate even when they have been called upon; these are lazy people who only care about comfort and enjoyment. The more you cooperate in serving God, the more experience you will gain. Because you carry heavier burdens, because you experience more, hence you shall have more opportunities to be perfected. Therefore, if you can serve God with sincerity, then you shall be more mindful to God’s burden, and you shall have more opportunities to be perfected by God. Such a group of men are being perfected at this time. The more the Holy Spirit moves you, the more time you will devote to being mindful of God’s burden, the more you will be perfected by God, the more you shall be gained by God, and in the end, you shall be used by God. At present, there are some who carry no burden for the church. These people are slack and sloppy, and they only care about their own flesh. These are selfish people, and these people are also blind. You will not beget any burden if you are unable to see through this matter clearly. The more you are being mindful of God’s will, the heavier the burden that God shall entrust to you. Selfish people are unwilling to suffer such things, they are unwilling to pay the price, and ultimately, they shall miss the opportunity to be perfected by God. Are they not hurting themselves? If you are someone who is mindful of God’s will, you shall beget real burdens for the church. In fact, instead of calling this a burden for the church, it is rather a burden for your own life, because the burden you beget for the church is a stepping stone for you to be perfected by God. Therefore, whoever carries the heaviest burden for the church, who also carries the burden of entering into life, shall be those who are ultimately perfected by God. Can you see clearly through this now? If the church you are with is in a mess and yet you are not getting worried or anxious, if the brothers and sisters are not eating and drinking God’s words like they should and yet you even more so turn a blind eye, then you are not carrying any burdens. Such men are not liked by God. Men liked by God hunger and thirst for righteousness, they are mindful of God’s will. Therefore, you should be mindful of God’s burden. You should not wait for the righteous disposition of God to be revealed to all men before you become mindful of God’s burden. Wouldn’t it be too late then? Now is the good opportunity to be perfected by God. If you should let this opportunity slip through your fingers, you shall regret for the rest of your life, just like Moses was unable to enter the Promised Land of Canaan, regretting for the rest of his life, dying with remorse. Once God’s righteous disposition has been revealed to all peoples, you shall regret. Even if God does not chastise you, you will chastise yourself due to your own remorse. Some are not convinced by this. If you don’t believe Me, just wait and see. Some people will serve as the fulfillment of these words. Are you willing to become the sacrificial offering for these words?

If you do not seek out the opportunities to be perfected by God, if you do not fight for your chance to be perfected, then you will ultimately be filled with remorse. Now is the best opportunity to be perfected, this is the best time. If you do not earnestly seek perfection by God, after God’s work has concluded, it will be too late as you have missed this opportunity. No matter your aspirations, if God should no longer be performing work, regardless of the effort that you put in, you will no longer be able to attain it. You must seize this opportunity and cooperate, when the Holy Spirit is performing powerful work; if you should miss this opportunity, you will not be given another, no matter how much effort you put in. Some people cry: “God, I am willing to be mindful of Your burden, I am willing to fulfill Your will.” Yet they have no path to practice, therefore their burdens will not last. If there is a path in front of you, every step of your experience will become structured and organized. After one burden has been carried out, another is given to you. Through the deepening of your life experience, your burdens deepen as well. Some people only carry a burden when moved by the Holy Spirit, and after a period of time, they no longer carry any burdens when there is no path to practice. Your burden cannot be fully resolved simply from eating and drinking God’s words. By understanding many truths, you will learn to discern, you will become capable of solving problems through the use of truths, and you will have a more precise understanding of God’s words and God’s will. With these things, you shall beget burdens, and you shall be able to perform good work once you begin to carry a burden. If you are only carrying a burden, yet you do not have a clear understanding of the truth, it won’t work either. You must have experienced God’s words yourself, know how to practice God’s words, and you must first enter into reality yourself, before you can provide for others, lead others, and be perfected by God.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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