Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 543

September 26, 2020

At the moment, God’s work is to have everyone enter onto the right track, have a normal spiritual life and genuine experiences, be moved by the Holy Spirit, and—with these as a foundation—accept God’s commissions. The purpose of entering into the kingdom’s training is to allow your every word, deed, movement, thought and idea to enter into God’s words; to be touched more often by God and thereby to develop a heart of love for Him; and to have you assume more of the burden of God’s will, so that everyone is on the path of being perfected by God, so that everyone is on the right track. Once you are on this path of being perfected by God, then you are on the right track. Once your thoughts and ideas, as well as your wrong intentions, can be corrected, and you are able to turn from mindfulness of the flesh to mindfulness of God’s will, and once you are able to resist the distraction of wrong intentions when they arise, acting instead in accordance with God’s will—if you are able to achieve such a transformation, then you are on the right track of life experience. Once your prayer practices are on the right track, you will be touched by the Holy Spirit in your prayers. Every time you pray, you will be touched by the Holy Spirit; every time you pray, you will be able to quiet your heart before God. Every time you eat and drink a passage of God’s words, if you are able to grasp the work that He is currently performing and can learn how to pray, how to cooperate, and how to attain entry, only then will your eating and drinking of God’s words produce results. When, by way of God’s words, you are able to find the path of entry and can discern the current dynamics of God’s work, as well as the direction of the Holy Spirit’s work, you will have entered onto the right track. If you have not grasped the key points while eating and drinking of God’s words and, afterward, are still unable to find a path on which to practice, this will show that you still do not know how properly to eat and drink of God’s words, and that you have not discovered the method or principle for doing so. If you have not grasped the work God is currently performing, then you will be unable to accept the tasks He would entrust to you. The work God does currently is precisely that which humans must enter into and understand at present. Do you have a grasp of these things?

If you eat and drink of God’s words effectively, your spiritual life becomes normal, and regardless of what trials you may face, what circumstances you may encounter, what physical ailments you may endure, what estrangement from brothers and sisters or family difficulties you may experience, you are able to eat and drink of God’s words normally, pray normally, and carry on with your church life normally; if you can achieve all of this, it will show that you are on the right track. Some people are too fragile and lack perseverance. Upon encountering a minor obstacle, they whimper and become negative. The pursuit of truth demands perseverance and determination. If you have failed to satisfy God’s will this time, then you must be able to loathe yourself and, deep down, be quietly determined to succeed the next time. If, this time, you were not mindful of God’s burden, then you should be determined to rebel against the flesh when facing the same obstacle in the future, and resolve to satisfy God’s will. This is how you will become praiseworthy. Some people do not even know if their own thoughts or ideas are correct; those people are fools! If you wish to subdue your heart and rebel against the flesh, you must first know whether your intentions are correct; only then can you subdue your heart. If you do not know whether your intentions are correct, can you possibly subdue your heart and rebel against the flesh? Even if you do rebel, you will do so in a confused manner. You should know how to rebel against your misguided intentions; this is what it means to rebel against the flesh. Once you recognize that your intentions, thoughts and ideas are wrong, you should quickly reverse course and walk the right path. Resolve this issue first, and train yourself to attain entry in this regard, because you know best whether you have the right intentions or not. Once your incorrect intentions are corrected and are now for God’s sake, then you will have attained the goal of subduing your heart.

The most important thing for you to do now is to gain knowledge of God and His work. You must also know how the Holy Spirit performs work on humanity; these acts are essential for entering onto the right track. It will be easier for you to do so once you have grasped this vital point. You believe in God, and you know God, which shows that your faith in God is genuine. If you continue to gain experience, yet in the end are still unable to know God, then you are surely a person who resists God. Those who believe only in Jesus Christ without also believing in the incarnate God of today are all condemned. They are all latter-day Pharisees, for they do not acknowledge the God of today; they are all in opposition to God. No matter how devoted their worship of Jesus may be, it will all be in vain; God will not praise them. All those with a signboard claiming they believe in God, yet who have no true knowledge of God in their hearts, are hypocrites!

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Be Mindful of God’s Will in Order to Attain Perfection

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