Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 553

March 5, 2021

This work among you is being carried out on you according to what work needs to be done. After the conquest of these individuals, a group of people will be perfected. Therefore much of the work of the present is also in preparation for the goal of perfecting you, because there are many hungering for the truth who can be perfected. If the work of conquering were carried out on you and thereafter no further work were to be done, then would it not be the case that some who yearn for the truth could not gain it? The present work aims to open a path for perfecting people later. Although My work is just conquest, the way of life spoken by Me is nonetheless in preparation for perfecting people later. The work that comes after conquest centers on perfecting people, and so the conquering is done to lay a foundation for the perfecting. Man can be perfected only after being conquered. Right now the main task is to conquer; later those who seek and long for the truth will be perfected. To be perfected involves people’s positive aspects of entry: Do you have a God-loving heart? What has been the depth of your experience as you have walked this path? How pure is your love of God? How exact is your practice of the truth? To be perfected, one must have basic knowledge of all aspects of humanity. This is a baseline requirement. All those who cannot be perfected after being conquered become serving objects and will ultimately still be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone and will still fall into the bottomless pit because their disposition has not changed and they still belong to Satan. If a man lacks the qualifications for perfection, then he is useless—he is waste, a tool, something that cannot withstand the trial of fire! How great is your love of God right now? How great is your loathing of yourself? How deeply do you really know Satan? Have you stiffened your resolve? Is your life in humanity well regulated? Has your life changed? Are you living a new life? Has your life outlook changed? If these things have not changed, you cannot be perfected even if you do not retreat; rather, you have only been conquered. When it is time to test you, you are lacking the truth, your humanity is abnormal, and you are as low as a brute. You have only been conquered, have only been one conquered by Me. Just as, once it has experienced the master’s whip, a donkey becomes fearful and afraid to act out every time it sees the master, so too, are you this conquered donkey. If a person lacks those positive aspects and is instead passive and fearful, timid and hesitant with all things, unable to discern anything clearly, unable to accept the truth, still without a path for practice, even more so without a God-loving heart—if a person has no understanding of how to love God, how to live a meaningful life, or how to be a real person—how can such a person bear witness to God? This goes to show that your life has little value and you are but a conquered donkey. You have been conquered, but that merely means you have renounced the great red dragon and refuse to submit to its domain; it means you believe there is a God, want to obey all of God’s plans, and have no complaints. But what about the positive aspects? The ability to live God’s word, the ability to manifest God—you have none of these, which means you have not been gained by God, and you are but a conquered donkey. There is nothing desirable in you, and the Holy Spirit is not at work in you. Your humanity is too lacking and it is impossible for God to use you. You have to be approved of by God and be a hundred times better than the unbelieving beasts and than the walking dead—only those who get to this level are qualified to be perfected. Only if one has humanity and has a conscience is one fit for God’s use. Only when you have been perfected can you be considered human. Only the perfected are people who live meaningful lives. Only such people can testify even more resoundingly to God.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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