Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 557

October 17, 2020

While seeking entry, every matter must be investigated. All matters must be thoroughly contemplated in accordance with God’s word and the truth so that you know how to handle them in a way that conforms entirely with God’s will. Things that arise from your self-will can then be abandoned. You will know how to do things in accordance with God’s will, and will then go and do them; it will feel as though everything is taking its natural course, and it will seem exceedingly easy. This is how people who have the truth do things. You can then really show others that your disposition has changed, and they will see that you certainly have done some good deeds, that you do things according to principle, and that you do everything right. This is someone who understands the truth and who indeed has some human likeness. Sure enough, the word of God has reaped results in people. Once people truly understand the truth, they can discern their states of being, see to the bottom of complicated matters, and know the appropriate way to practice. If you do not understand the truth, you will not be able to discern your state of being. You will want to rebel against yourself but will have no idea how to do it or what you are rebelling against. You will want to abandon your self-will, but if you think that your self-will conforms to the truth, then how can you abandon it? You might even think that it is enlightened by the Holy Spirit, and you will therefore refuse to abandon it no matter what. Thus, when people are not in possession of the truth, they are very liable to think that human impurities, good intentions, muddleheaded love and human practices—all of which arise from their self-will—are correct, and that they conform to the truth. How, then, can you rebel against these things? If you do not understand the truth or know what it means to put the truth into practice, and if your eyes are clouded and you have no idea which way to turn and can therefore only do things based on what you think is right, then you will commit certain acts that will be off-track and erroneous. Some of these acts will be in keeping with the rules, some will arise from enthusiasm, and some will have originated with Satan and will cause disturbances. People who do not possess the truth act like this: a little to the left, and then a little to the right; correct one minute, and then deviating the next; with no accuracy at all. Those who do not possess the truth take an absurd view on things. As such, how can they handle matters properly? How can they resolve any problems? Understanding the truth is not an easy thing to do. Being able to comprehend God’s words depends on understanding the truth, and the truth that people are capable of understanding has its limits. Their understanding of God’s words will still be limited even if they believe in Him for their entire lives. Even those who are relatively experienced can, at best, get to where they can stop doing things that obviously resist God, stop doing things that are obviously evil, and stop doing things that do not benefit anyone. It is not possible for them to attain a state that has none of their self-will mixed in. This is because people think normal thoughts, and some of their thinking conforms to God’s words and belongs to an aspect of comprehension that cannot be classified as self-will. However, the key is to discern the parts of self-will that go against God’s words, against the truth, and against enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. You must therefore make an effort to know God’s words, and only by understanding the truth can you have discernment.

—The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Only by Pursuing the Truth Can One Achieve a Change in Disposition

Only a Foundation of God’s Words Provides a Path of Practice


Only by pursuing truth can you gain change in disposition, how you behave. You must understand this completely. If you don’t grasp the truth well enough, you’ll easily go astray and slip up. To grow in life, seek truth in all things. Weigh up the value of all that you do. Do things with meaning, not things with none. Where there’s choice, let go what you can let go. If you do things for some time then you find you should let them go, then quickly do so. In all you do, this rule should be followed. While seeking entry, each matter explore. Fully reflect through the truth and God’s word. So you will know which actions fully conform with God’s will.


Then you can cast off what comes from self-will. You’ll know how to act in line with God’s will, and you’ll go out and do things this way. It will feel like things all take their natural course; all will seem easy as never before. Those who have the truth do things this way. Then you can show others that you have changed your disposition, how you behave. They’ll see the good deeds you have surely done, that you live by principle, you do things right. You know the truth, have human likeness. Yes, God’s word has reaped results in people. While seeking entry, each matter explore. Fully reflect through the truth and God’s word. So you will know which actions fully conform with God’s will. No matter what issue arises, seek to face it obeying the truth. See what else is inside of you that goes against the truth.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Only by Pursuing the Truth Can One Achieve a Change in Disposition

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