Christian Testimony of Faith in God | "Escaping Dire Straits"

November 1, 2021

In hard times, sincerely rely on God and you will find that God’s hand has never left you. Would you like to learn God’s words and rely on God?


As the protagonist preaches the gospel to a religious person, she is beaten and reported to the police. The police beat and humiliate her to force her to divulge church information. They also stomp on and crush her mouth and nose with their feet, which makes it impossible for her to eat. Hanging on to life by a thread, she stands firm in her testimony through the guidance of God's word. Her severe injuries and heavy workload at the detention house also put her life in danger, so when the police see that she won't survive long, they drive her to a remote cemetery and leave her there to die. Will she be able to escape her danger? What happens to her next? Come listen to her special story.

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