Christian Testimony Video | "Exposing a False Leader: A Personal Struggle"

August 5, 2021

In Zheng Yi's interactions with Sister Li, a church leader, she discovers that she doesn't handle things according to the principles of the truth, nor does she accept oversight from brothers and sisters. She is a false leader who does not accept the truth. Zheng Yi wants to report her, but she's worried that would offend Sister Li, who would then make things difficult for her. She's tormented in a tug-of-war between practicing the truth and protecting her personal interests. But through the judgment and chastisement of God's words, Zheng Yi realizes that only thinking of herself without upholding the principles of the truth is selfish and deceitful. She also learns that in God's house, it's the truth and righteousness that reign, and any evil forces such as false leaders or antichrists cannot gain a foothold in the house of God. Is Zheng Yi finally able to overcome the oppression of these dark forces and report the false leader? Watch Exposing a False Leader: A Personal Struggle to find out.

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