Christian Testimony Video | "Facing Illness Again"

October 2, 2021

After becoming a believer, the protagonist tirelessly spread the gospel and gave offerings and alms. After being arrested and tortured, she didn’t blame or betray God. She felt that she’d done a lot of good works and was loyal and obedient to God. Then, one day, her heart illness and hypertension relapsed, her herniated disc became aggravated and she was also diagnosed with diabetes. She was completely bed-ridden and couldn’t take care of herself. At times, she’d get so sick that she could barely breathe. She sunk into despair and agony and blamed and misunderstood God. … By praying and seeking, she gained an understanding of her impure motives in her belief and corrupt disposition through the exposition and judgment of God’s words. She also came to understand what it really means to do good works and fulfill one’s duty. After that, she submitted to God’s orchestrations and arrangements, and stopped being constrained by illness and the threat of death. She fulfilled her duty to the best of her ability and felt grounded and free. Which words of God guided her out of her misery and suffering? What valuable lessons did she learn? Watch Facing Illness Again to find out!

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