Christian Testimony Video | "Fame and Fortune Have Brought Me Suffering"

November 1, 2020

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The protagonist is a doctor who believes that people must achieve success and recognition to lead a worthwhile and meaningful life. In order to get ahead of her peers, she works and studies day and night for more than a decade, sometimes without stopping for 24 hours at a time, constantly afraid of making a mistake during an operation and ruining her reputation. Overwork and tremendous stress cause her to suffer from insomnia, stomach pain, an inflamed gall bladder, and other ailments that cause her unbearable suffering. She doesn't understand why she spent her whole life getting ahead of others, only to end up with immense sadness and pain. She wonders: How can people live a meaningful life? It is not until she accepts Almighty God's gospel of the last days that she sees that fame and fortune are tools used by Satan to corrupt and harm people. She comes to understand that it is only by obeying God's orchestrations and arrangements, seeking to know God, and fulfilling one's duty as a created being that one can live a meaningful life.

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