Full Gospel Movie | "The Feast of the Kingdom of Heaven" | A Catholic Priest's Testimony

March 22, 2023

Chen Mingde is a Catholic priest. He sees that the Catholic Church is becoming increasingly desolate and dark, and that even the bishops and the other priests have compromised with the government by joining the Three-Self Church. This is really painful and disappointing for him. While searching high and low for a church that has the work of the Holy Spirit, he unexpectedly hears of the gospel of Almighty God. After reading a great deal of Almighty God's words, he recognizes that it is the voice of God and that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus returned, and he joyfully accepts Him. But to Chen Mingde's surprise, after the bishops and the other priests discover this, they do their utmost to condemn him and keep him from accepting Almighty God. They even send people to vandalize the church he oversees, in an attempt to force him off the true way. Chen Mingde sees the truth-hating, God-resisting, satanic faces of the bishops and priests, and he gives up his position as a priest, leaves the Catholic church, and begins actively spreading and testifying to God's kingdom gospel. He leads many people to turn toward Almighty God and he starts to feel very pleased with himself, often showing off how much work he has done and how much he has suffered to gain the admiration of the brothers and sisters. His arrogant disposition becomes more and more inflated—he haughtily lectures other people, becomes a law unto himself, and won't listen to any advice. As a result, he ends up getting arrested at a gathering. He starts to reflect on himself after undergoing the Communist Party's brutal torture and brainwashing. Through the revelation of God's words, he sees that he is incredibly arrogant and devoid of reason, that he has been pursuing a place in the hearts of others, and that he is on the path of an antichrist. Without God's judgment, chastisement, and discipline, he'd have certainly perished for resisting God. Chen Mingde learns some truths through the judgment and cleansing of God's words, and gains some purification and transformation in his corrupt disposition. He feels that he has gained so much, and that he is truly attending the feast of the kingdom of heaven.

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