Gospel Movie | Freed From the Cage of the Pharisees and Welcoming the Lord (Highlights)

January 19, 2020

Since the Chinese Communist Party came to power, it has continuously suppressed and persecuted Christianity and Catholicism in order to fully eradicate all religious beliefs and establish China as a zone of atheism. Particularly since Xi Jinping became President the CCP's attacks on faith have reached a peak, and even the officially sanctioned Three-Self Church is being eradicated and crosses are being torn down.

By looking at the facts and what's revealed in God's words, Chen Song'en and other members of the Three-Self Church gain discernment over the CCP's satanic essence of opposing God and hating the truth, but this also gives rise to some confusion. The CCP so madly oppresses and suppresses religious beliefs, so why do the pastors and elders always have believers pray for blessings for the CCP government? Could it be that they can't see through the CCP's demonic essence? Through fellowship on God's words, everyone finally sees the root of the problem as well as the perilous consequences of following the clergy on the Three-Self pathway and selling out to the satanic regime. They also gain discernment over the pastors' and elders' antichrist natures and become willing to reject these religious Pharisees and look into the Lord's appearance and work.

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Excavator motor (https://freesound.org/people/laspaziale/sounds/92739/) by laspaziale/CC BY 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)

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