Christian Dance | "Get Up and Dance for God" | Praise Song

April 25, 2024


We have heard God's voice and been raised before Him to attend the feast.

We eat and drink God's words and pray to Him,

living before Him is such a joy.

When we believed in the Lord within religion,

our hearts were dark and we lacked a path.

Now we eat and drink God's words, fellowship on the truth.

Enjoying the Holy Spirit's work is such happiness.

Brothers and sisters, get up and dance!

Offer up new dances in praise of God!

We've escaped the binds of religious rites,

we've understood the truth and our spirits are freed.

All God's words are the truth, they point out to us the way in life.

We'll give no thought to our future and fate,

we're willing to submit to God's sovereignty and arrangements.


We've undergone the judgment of God's words,

our corruption has been cleansed and transformed.

We live like innocent children,

and we worship God with heart and honesty.

With God's words guiding us,

we grind all oppression and adversity under our heels.

No matter Satan's hindrances,

we will follow Christ and be faithful till the end.

Brothers and sisters, get up and dance!

Offer up new dances in praise of God!

Practicing God's words gladdens our hearts,

the path grows brighter and brighter.

Seeing God's righteousness and holiness,

our hearts will always praise Him.

Praising God sincerely is a joy, having Him with us is true happiness.

Bearing witness to God is true glory;

our spirits are liberated and we feel so free.

Praise God for defeating Satan and gaining all glory.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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